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Tournament Guidelines

Buckingham Racquet Club will hold annual championship tournaments for Men’s and Women’s Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles. 

A Tournament Director will be named for each of these events.  The  Tournament  Director’s responsibilities include advance notification to the membership of upcoming tournaments, management of tournament registration, creation of the draw, determination of the tournament schedule, and overall supervision of the conduct of the tournament.  The Tournament Director will have ultimate authority for all aspects of the tournament.

Notices about upcoming championship tournaments will include information detailing the dates and times of play.  Players/teams are expected to register for these tournaments only if they are available to play during the “normal” times of the tournament. 

Club championship tournaments are, with few exceptions, “weekend” tournaments.  Men’s and Women’s Singles and Doubles Championships are played over one or two weekends depending on the number of entries.  Early round matches are played the first weekend, with the semifinals and finals played the Saturday and Sunday of the second weekend. 


The BRC Mixed Doubles championship tournament is held over the Labor Day weekend.  All players/teams need to be available to play from early morning until mid-afternoon each day of the tournament.   Special requests for scheduling will be accommodated at the discretion of the Tournament Director.   No player or team should enter any BRC tournament if they anticipate the possibility that they may not be available to play during the normal and expected tournament schedule. 

No BRC Championship tournament will be held unless there are at least four players/teams entered.  If there are more than eight players/teams entered in any tournament, the event may be stratified into “A” and “B” flights at the discretion of the Tournament Director.  Tournament play prior to the semifinals may include “Round Robin” format at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

The draw for each BRC Championship tournament will be made no later than the Thursday night prior to the start of the tournament.  Notification of pairings and match times will be made by any combination of word-of-mouth, phone calls, texts, email, Voice Mail, and notices on the BRC website.  Specific times for each match will be assigned.  The match time or date may be changed only by mutual agreement of both players/teams and with the consent of the Tournament Director.  

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