Getting ready
Money Man with his "ladies"
Place your wagers
Watching the high rollers
Figuring out the next bet
Power players
Hangin out
Hangin out with "Frank"
Putting all of the money on...
Winning big
Hangin out at the Social
How much should we bet?
Is anyone going to get up??
The BIG money table
Blackjack is our game
Trying to beat the "House"
Some of the "crew"
A toast to the evening
Good company
Meeting new members
Enjoying the evening
The winning card...
Catchin' up....
Good company
Happy to be here
Ready to bet big
Enjoying the camaraderie
New members mingle...
Enjoying the Evening
The "Crew"
the "Happy" Table
Volunteer of the Year 2019
Friendly Greeters
Casino Night Table Candle
Not wanting the day to end
Chatting about the match
"A" finalists
"B" finalists
The "Gate Keeper"
Enjoying the Camaraderie
Happy Campers
Men's A Dubs Final
Women's A Dubs Final
Women's B Dubs Final
New members connecting
Doubles Partners chillin'
Enjoy the Finals
Enjoying the tourney
The "Crew"
Textbook overhead
Getting ready
Solid serving
Where's the Ocean?
New Members Host Doubles Tourney
Men's Singles "A"
Women's Singles "A"
Men's Singles "B"
Women's Singles "B"
Long time member visits
The Three Chefs
A great day for the Luncheon
Memorial Day Tourney winners 2019
The Semis on Memorial Day
Relaxing afterwards
A break between sets
Here for the final
Watching a great match
Long time members
Chatting with a new member
Enjoying the "balmy weather"
Consult with the "Chair"
Make the right calls
Making the right calls
Tennis friends
Watching the final
Welcoming a new member
Tennis fans
Enjoying the match
Enjoying the festivites
Getting ready
Let the games begin!
The "Ground Crew" Ladies
Perfect table arrangments
Not as easy as it looks....
A success!
This is how you do it...
Start 'em early
Youth Event  May 17
New Member's Day May 4
Think we can still play?
Catching up in the clubhouse
Braving the elements
Enjoying the "balmy weather"
Welcoming new members
New and old members meet
Enjoying the food
Welcoming a new member
Ladies who get 'er done
Hangin' out
Some of the "regulars"
New members chatting
Chillin' with the "Grillmaster" Ken
A soggy start to New Member's Day
Almost done the windscreens
Checking out the courts
All smiles while working hard
"This isn't so hard...."
What a spread
All in a day's work...
Working with those "fun" zip ties
Spring Clean Up Day Crew
Changing of the "Guard"

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