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Buckingham Racquet Club Rules/Practices 

                                        Please Read the Club Etiquette, Rules and Practices


BRC is run by its members: There is no paid staff.  Outside contractors are used to mow the grass, haul the garbage, and clean the clubhouse once a week.  Court maintenance is contracted by the Board as it is needed. The remainder of the work is done by the members. 

This includes Spring Cleanup (the first Saturday in April), when large numbers of members turn out to remove winter debris, rake leaves, clean the courts, get the clubhouse in shape, and hang the wind screens.  Much is accomplished with many hands and the work is typically completed by noon.  Members usually stay and play afterwards (weather permitting). 

Fall Cleanup (the first Saturday in November) follows a reverse procedure.  All tournaments and other activities are chaired and run by those members.

Children/Pets:  Young children, who are not Junior members, are not permitted in the Club House or in the viewing stands unless accompanied by an adult.  Children who are not Junior members must not use the courts.  When children are brought to the Club, it is the duty of their parents to supervise their behavior at all times, so they do not disturb the other members.

 Animals/pets are not permitted on Club property at any time.

Club House Security:  It is the obligation of every member to participate in the overall security of the club. Court gates should be closed when leaving the courts.  The main door of the clubhouse is locked with an electronic keypad lock.  The locking combination 1234* is marked on a plaque directly above the keypad (the asterisk, or star, is part of the combination).

If the door has not been firmly closed it may still open after entering the locking combination. Check the door to see if it is locked; if it opens, close it firmly and try to open it again before you re-enter the combination.  If you are the last to leave the premises, it is your obligation to be sure all doors to the clubhouse are locked, not just the main door.

Interior lights should be turned off as well.  New members will be given the keypad combination to open the main door upon acceptance as members in the club.  All members should be aware that this keypad combination may well be changed at the beginning of each season.  You will be notified if there is a change.

Court Etiquette:  On entering or leaving the courts, please do not walk behind the other players or cross

over between them; use the gates or side entrances.  Your old tennis balls must not be left on the courts. The lids from ball cans should be put in the trash receptacles attached to the net posts.

Conflict of Interest Policy:  The objective of this policy is to avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest between board members and Buckingham Racquet Club.  Board members should disclose to the board any upcoming transactions involving family or organizations in which they have a financial interest (e.g. employer).  The board will then determine whether this transaction is in the best interests of the club.

Court Lighting:  The courts can be lighted until 11:00 pm.  At that hour, a time clock will automatically turn off the lights.  Prior to that hour, court lights can be turned on with the breaker switches located

in the sliding door closet directly opposite the main entrance.  A plan on the breaker panel shows the location of the courts and which switch controls which lights.

Be sure you use the correct switch, especially if turning the lights off.  It takes 10 minutes or so to reset if you inadvertently turn off the wrong lights.  If you are the last to vacate a set of courts, or the entire club, it is your responsibility to extinguish the appropriate court lighting. 

Court Rules:  When all courts are in use, players are limited to one set of singles or two sets of doubles.

On weekends, holidays, and every evening, Junior members must give way immediately to waiting Seniors.

During the week, Juniors who are playing while Seniors are waiting may have a reasonable time to finish the set and must use the 9 point tie-breaker at 6 all.  This should be used by all members when the courts are crowded.

Three Seniors playing with one junior may play two sets.  Two Seniors with two Juniors may play one set. One Senior with three Juniors has no priority and must give up the court to waiting Seniors.

End of the Season Social:  Held after Labor Day, this is the only event in which a fee is charged.  Currently, it is a catered affair with a  broader selection of beverages, music, dancing and/or tennis.  Members are asked to bring side dishes and deserts to share with other members.  It is a popular and enjoyable afternoon/evening.  Invitations to all members are mailed/emailed in August.

Food/Beverages:  Neither food nor drinks are permitted on the courts.

Guest Policy: Only active members who have paid their dues & fees for the current year are permitted

to have guests at the club to use the courts.  Guests have the privilege of playing three times per year.


To further clarify, the guest policy is meant to accommodate members who wish to bring guests for court use only and does not extend to specific events such as private parties or functions.  Exceptions to this policy, including visiting house guests of members, will require the approval of the Board of Directors.

Tennis Clothing:  Standard tennis attire is required of all members and guests.  Gentlemen must not play without shirts.  Gentlemen are allowed to wear sleeveless tennis shirts, however, cutoff shirts of any kind will not be permissible.

Trash:  Help keep your Clubhouse and grounds clean.  Use the trash receptacles, empty those on the courts when full, and please recycle all aluminum cans and glass bottles.

Tournaments: Tournament participants will be provided with a new can of balls for each match.  The men's, women's and Labor Day Mixed Doubles' tournaments are considered more competitive events

and the participants should treat them that way.  

However, several of our activities are recognized as more social in nature.  These events include the Memorial Day Mixed Double's Tournament and specified social events during the season.  


Tournament Food:  New members are often surprised at the hospitality provided by the Club.

Regarding all major tournament finals, as well as every day during the 2/3-day weekend events,  the

Club will provide BRC members the following: hamburgers, hot dogs, beer, bottled water and non-alcoholic beverages.

In addition, side dishes such as salads and deserts are brought to these events by those in attendance.  Chairpersons will be calling/emailing you to remind you of this opportunity for you to contribute to the overall success of the event.

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